SIG SAUER® Delivers Quiet Innovation with SIG-SD Silencer Line

Published Date: 2/21/2013
Accuracy, durability key features of new sound suppressor design

EXETER, NH (January 2013) — SIG SAUER®, an innovator in military, police and personal defense firearms technology, introduces the SIG-SD line of cutting-edge rifle, submachine gun, and handgun silencers.

Using a “military mindset,” the design priority for the SIG-SD line was accuracy and weapon reliability. When the silencer was mounted, the host firearm had to function reliably and allow for long-term use with no detriment to accuracy or function.

“Silencers can overload guns with backpressure and debris, causing problems,” said Jeff Creamer, SIG SAUER Director of Product Management. “We’ve minimized those problems with the design and materials that went into the SIG-SD series.”

As a long-time leader in modern firearm manufacturing processes, SIG SAUER is able to bring techniques in construction, design and development to the table that no other suppressor manufacturer can.

Offerings include 5.56mm and 7.62mm silencers. Two 9mm variants are available, one designed for pistols and a second for submachine guns. Rounding out the line will be a .22LR silencer for rimfire rifles and pistols.

The 9mm SIG-SD pistol silencer is designed to be run “wet,” with a liquid cooling agent. This allows the silencer to be significantly lighter and shorter than competitors’ suppressors. At just 3.7oz and less than 4″ in length, the 9mm SIG-SD silencer does not require a piston or “Nielsen”-type device to allow for proper function. The 9mm silencer is threaded 13.5x1LH.

The .22LR SIG-SD silencer features hardened steel front and back plates and can be disassembled for maintenance. Three different back plates (1/2x28, M9, and 3/8 threads) allow the .22LR SIG-SD to be attached to a variety of firearms, and will operate in the full Auto mode.

The 5.56mm and 7.62MM SIG-SD silencers feature a unique tapered shape that allows for use under certain longer handguard and rail assemblies. While most suppressors on the market have a 1.5″ diameter tube, SIG SAUER opted for a full 2″ tube. This allows for greater gas volume in a compact package, reducing heat, back pressure and sound signature while remaining compatible with all rail-mounted SOPMOD accessories. A high nickel content stainless steel is used for both the tubes and the baffles. This significantly reduces material degradation and delivers a sustained full-auto capable silencer with longevity not currently found in competitive offerings.

SIG-SD rifle silencers are available with or without a rebar cutter machined into the muzzle. Wrench flats are also machined into the SIG-SD silencer, to allow for proper torqueing onto the barrel. For running a silencer under a forend, the rebar cutter doubles as a wrench point.

Download PDF below for specifications.

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