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THE SIGM400 SERIES TACTICAL RIFLE, designed for use in law enforcement, military operations, or the sporting field as well as competitive shooting. The SIGM400 is a true AR platform tactical rifle. Provides unparalleled accuracy, with a 16" Nitride treated barrel that provides maximum durability and corrosion resistance. A 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum forged lower receiver adds to the durability and reliability.

SIGM400 Classic

SIGM400 Enhanced

SIGM400 Enhanced FDE

SIGM400 Enhanced OD Green



SIGM400 11.5" Classic SBR

SIGM400 Muddy Girl

SIGM400 Predator

SIGM400 B5 Series Gray

SIGM400 B5 Series Foliage

SIGM400 14.5" Classic SBR

SIGM400 14.5" SWAT SBR

SIGM400 11.5" SWAT SBR

SIGM400 Enhanced FDE FO

SIGM400 Enhanced Patrol FDE

SIGM400 Enhanced Patrol ODG

SIGM400 Carbon TS

SIGM400 Carbon FS

SIGM400 300 Blackout Enhanced Patrol ODG