Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. This FAQ page is updated quite often, so check back for new responses. Our goal is to have this page be a knowledge base for you, our customers, dealers, and law enforcement/military personnel.

For information about SIG SAUER firearms, please call Customer Service at 603-610-3000, option 1. For information about Academy courses, please call 603-679-2003.

This FAQ site is built from general firearms questions received through our Customer Service phone line and is updated frequently. Please refer to this section prior to submitting your inquiry.

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How can I obtain a SIG SAUER product catalog?
View or download the product catalog here: http://sigsauer.com/Download/
I lost my firearms owners manual. How can I receive a replacement?
Can I convert my 9mm SIG to .357 SIG or .40SW.
How do I return my firearm to SIG SAUER for warranty repair or elective services?
Should I lubricate my pistol?
What kind of ammo can I shoot from my SIG SAUER pistol?
Can my pistol be converted to DAK?
How often should I service my pistol?
My mosquito pistol seems to have problems ejecting & extracting?
Does SIG SAUER make pistols which can be sold in California or Massachusetts?
How do I register my pistol for warranty?
What are grips bands on SIG handguns?
I lost a grip screw, how can I get a replacement?
What is SAAMI?
Can I use +P or +P+?
Can I use reloaded or hand-loaded ammo?
Can I refinish my gun?
Can I add after-market parts to my gun?
Why doesn’t the slide on my pistol lock back on the last round?
Can the Short Reset Trigger System (SRT) be installed in my gun? Can I buy the parts?
Is it safe to dry-fire my pistol?
The outside of my barrel and the slide rails on my frame are showing wear – should I be concerned?
I own a SigPro SP2340 / SP2009 – can I mount a light or laser unit on the gun?
I have a Hammerli Trailside that needs parts/service. Can I send it to you?
Can I install a shoulder stock on my 556 Pistol?
Do you have the parts or information on installing a stock or other accessories to my 556 Pistol?
I own a Blaser or Sauer 200/202 hunting rifle – where do I go for parts or service?
I own a SHR or STR Swiss Arms rifle – where do I go for parts or service?
I own an SA / TR / TT series shotgun, where do I go for parts and service?
I own a Fabarm shotgun that has your name on it – can I get parts/service from you?
I have not received a reply to my email – why?
I am a Police/Military/Gov’t officer and have some questions about my duty/off-duty weapon, who should I contact?
Can I buy a firearm directly from the factory?
Can I buy parts directly from the factory?
SIG SAUER does not carry the parts I need – where do I go?
I have a question about by order – who do I contact?
I am a retailer and need to send a gun in for repairs or service, who do I call?
Do any of your 1911 models come with an ambi safety?
The gun/item I purchased is not exactly what is pictured on this web site or the catalog - why?
Why were the E2 P220, P226 & P229 pistols discontinued?
My SIG SAUER pistol is not accurate. Why? What should I do?
There is a square-shaped area of Nitron missing from inside the slide of my pistol. Is this a QC issue?
Can I attach the STL300J Stoplite vertical hand grip to my P556 or P522 pistol or any pistol with the accessory rails built in?
I own a P250. Can I purchase a fire control unit for my X-Change kit?
CAN MY 5.56 x 45mm NATO SHOOT .223 REM AMMO?
CAN MY SIG556R 7.62 x 39 RIFLE SHOOT .308 WIN?
I am unable to get the slide of my 1911 back on due to the safety plunger lever being raised. What do I do?
I ordered a SIG SAUER firearm from my dealer several weeks ago but I cannot get an estimate on delivery time. Can I call to inquire?
Are there two different recoils springs for my Mosquito pistol?
How do I return accessories to SIG SAUER for warranty repair or replacement?
My Interactive Armorers CD does not run correctly. It will load and play but I cannot select from the menu.
How can I purchase a set of WOOD GRIPS from SIG SAUER?
Can I buy a firearm directly from the factory?
I am getting a error message "There is no item in the shopping cart" and I have added items.
Can I buy parts directly from the factory?
I sell SIG SAUER firearms. How do I get my dealership listed on your SIG SAUER website?
Where can I go to buy any of your firearms?
What programs do you offer your SIG SAUER dealers?