SIG SAUER® Military/Federal Govt Leasing Program

The purchase of new firearms is often a major capital investment for an agency. In this age of tighter budgets, purchasing agents are finding it harder and harder to procure the best equipment for their officers – an issue of growing concern when that equipment is a duty pistol and the safety of the officer depends on having the best. That’s why SIG SAUER® introduced The SIGnificant Lease™.

The SIGnificant Lease™ provides leasing and financing on the full line of SIG SAUER Military/Federal Government pistols and rifles to enable agencies to provide the very best firearms and related equipment, plus free service and training, all within existing capital and operating budgets.

The advantages to leasing with SIG SAUER are obvious.

Leasing with SIG SAUER allows agencies to put their officers into new, more reliable equipment from the best name in Military/Federal Government  firearms. Repair costs drop to zero because SIG SAUER provides free service and parts for the duration of the lease. This means personnel costs are lowered as less time is spent on procurement and maintenance. SIG SAUER, through the SIG SAUER Academy, also provides free training for instructors and armorers.

With The SIGnificant Lease™ you get:

  - Speed – immediate acquisition of the firearms and equipment

  - Low Cost – lease a new pistol and duty gear for as low as $0.07 (seven cents) per day

  - Flexibility – Manageable cash flow with flexible payments that suit your unique budget requirements

  - Inflation Hedge – Purchase equipment at today’s prices and pay with tomorrow’s dollars

  - Free training and service

  - Programs available for pistols, sniper rifles or assault rifles

What types of leases are available to agencies?

  - Operating Lease – use the equipment for the term of the lease and, at the end of the term, you have the option to purchase the property for fair market value, return the property to SIG SAUER, or renew the lease for an additional period of time. This type of lease helps you avoid technological obsolescence risks and allows your personnel to have the latest and best firearms and equipment.

  - Capital Lease – allows you to spread the cost of acquiring equipment over several years. At the end of the lease the agency can purchase the equipment for $1 per unit.


Who Qualifies for The SIGnificant Lease™? 

  - Federal governments and agencies

  - Military branches 

To learn more about how The SIGnificant Lease™ can help you outfit your agency with the best law enforcement firearms available contact your Regional Manager.