SIG SAUER® Introduces New SIG516™ Models

Published Date: 1/14/2011
Advanced short-stroke pushrod gas system now in 7", 10", 14.5", 16" and 18" lengths

EXETER, NH (January 2011) — SIG SAUER, Inc., the leading manufacturer of commercial, law enforcement and military firearms, introduces a new dynamic to its rifle line in 2011 with the short-stroke pushrod operated SIG516™ rifle. This year, the best gets better with a variety of new models and upgrades.

The SIG516 Patrol Rifle offers the reliability and accuracy of SIG SAUER® in a size that doesn’t require NFA registration. The 16” mil-spec M4 profile barrel provides improved ballistics for the 5.56mm NATO round. In addition to the 16” patrol rifle previously offered, SIG SAUER now offers the SIG516 in a variety of barrel lengths and configurations. All SIG516 rifles now come standard with Magpul® stocks and pistol grips, and continue to accept MIL-STD magazines, including the latest polymer designs. A free-floating aluminum M1913 quad rail allows users to customize their kit with lights, lasers, grips or any other accessory.

The SIG516 Tactical Patrol carbine features a 14.5” mil-spec M4 profile barrel and is optimal for law enforcement officers who want a carbine-length patrol rifle but still need enhanced maneuverability over standard length carbines. The Tactical Patrol has an overall length of 34” with stock extended and is just 31” inches long with the stock retracted.

The SIG516 CQB (Close Quarter Battle) features a 10” heavy barrel and is tailored to the needs of tactical entry teams. Offering a balance of maneuverability and ballistics, the CQB measures 30” with the stock extended and 27” collapsed. This shortened carbine maintains the 14” sight radius similar to standard M4 model AR-type rifles.

The SIG516 PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is a select-fire variant that features a 7” heavy barrel. With an overall length of 27” (24” with stock collapsed) the PDW offers law enforcement and military units a reliable firearm that is quick to aim and easy to maneuver in tight quarters. Weighing in at just 6 pounds, the PDW offers an easy-to-control cyclic rate of 750-800 rounds per minute.

The SIG516 Precision Marksman sports an 18” heavy HBAR barrel and a two-stage match trigger for optimal accuracy. Featuring a fixed Magpul PRS® stock and MIAD® grip, the Precision Marksman is ideal for squad designated marksmen and law enforcement snipers.

All SIG516 rifles feature 5.56mm NATO chrome-lined chambers and bores. An adjustable gas valve allows the advanced operating system to reduce carbon fouling, excessive heat and unburned powder in the action, ensuring reliability and function that is unmatched.

All SIG516 rifles have an adjustable gas valve that can be opened to increase gas flow when ammunition or adverse environmental conditions require additional cycling energy. Additionally, gas flow can also be reduced or shut-off for use with suppressors to prevent stoppage or damage to the rifle when in the suppressor mode.

Ambidextrous controls and Magpul grips and stocks allow for operator adjustment and fitting to match the rifle perfectly to the shooters profile.

For more information and spec sheet, download the pdf document.