SIG SAUER® Adds a New Frame and Calibers to the P250® Series

Versatile handgun platform now offers even more options to users

EXETER, NH (January 2012) — SIG SAUER revolutionized the way people think about handgun
function with the introduction of the P250 and its interchangeable fire control assembly. Now, with the
introduction of two new subcompact calibers and a new frame option, the P250 is more versatile than

Fans of the .45ACP cartridge can now pack 6+1 rounds of big bore power in the easy to carry, easy to
conceal P250 Subcompact. Previously available in full-size and compact sizes only, the .45ACP
subcompact completes the P250 family. With a simple slide, barrel and magazine change, users can
convert their full-size duty .45 ACP into a subcompact carry or backup gun in minutes.

“The .45ACP has been a favorite among shooters for more than 100 years,” said Tim Butler, SIG SAUER
Product Manager for Pistols. “A large-bore version was a natural progression for the P250 platform.”
Also new for 2012 is the introduction of the P250 subcompact in .380ACP. Featuring the same P250
action, this new subcompact offers 12+1 capacity in a flush-fit magazine, and an extended 15-round
magazine, available first quarter of 2012.

“Modern ammunition has made the .380ACP a popular choice for self-defense,” Butler said. “With the
addition of the subcompact platforms at both ends of the spectrum, we believe the P250 will meet any
requirement from duty, competition, and practice to concealed carry.”

In addition to the new calibers, SIG SAUER has added an additional frame option to the subcompact line.
This medium grip module is now available with a 1913 accessory rail for 9mm, .40S&W and .357SIG
chambers in the P250 subcompact frame size.

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