SIG SAUER® Offers SIG556® and SIG551-A1™ Lower Receivers

Rifle owners can complete SG 550™-series builds or convert to the SIG556 platform

EXETER, NH (January 2012) — SIG SAUER is now offering SIG556 and SIG551-A1 lower receivers for
those seeking to finish their own custom rifle or convert their existing SIG SAUER rifles to a different

Owners of SIG556 rifles can now change out lower receivers and own a classic SG 550™-profile rifle.
The SIG551-A1 is an American-made version of the long sought after SG 550-series rifles. Conversely,
SIG551-A1 owners who want to use AR-style magazines with their rifles can use the SIG556 lower.

“The modularity of the SG 550-series platform allows users to decide which rifle they want,” said Bud Fini,
SIG SAUER Vice President of Marketing. “These receivers also allow gunsmiths to build custom
platforms on original SIG SAUER lowers.”

These fully assembled lower receivers feature authentic Swiss folding stocks and ambidextrous controls.
The SIG551-A1 accepts Swiss polymer magazines, while the SIG556 accepts standard Mil-Spec AR-15

A designated marksman rifle (DMR) version of the SIG556 lower is also available. This receiver features
a non-folding Magpul® CTR™ and a six-position buttstock.

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