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People who get a kick out of plinking and other kinds of target shooting have discovered the perfect companion: the SIG SAUER® Mosquito® .22LR pistol.

Mosquito, Scratching The Itch.
Ergonomically designed to give the best shooting experience, the Mosquito is built on a tough polymer
frame and features an accessory rail, rugged blowback system, fixed barrel, adjustable sights, and multiple
safety devices. There are five Mosquito models available. The Mosquito Reverse Two-Tone has a stainless finish on the frame with a blued slide. The more traditional Mosquito Two-Tone has a stainless finish slide and polymer frame. For the classic professional look, there’s the basic Mosquito with a blued overall finish. The Mosquito with Threaded Barrel, which also has a blued finish, is designed to accept most suppressors. For those who take their target shooting more seriously, the new Mosquito Sport features a longer sight radius and is fitted with an extended barrel and barrel weight.

Mosquito Two-Tone


Mosquito w/ Threaded Barrel

Mosquito Reverse Two-Tone

Mosquito Pink Finish

Mosquito Desert Digital Camo

Mosquito FDE

Mosquito FDE TB

Mosquito OD Green

Mosquito OD Green TB

Mosquito Purple