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Still the one to beat If you’re looking for a definition of SIG SAUER®’s well-known unfailing reliability, look at the P220®. This is the pistol that can fire off 10,000 rounds in a day, without a single failure. It is the one that earned the trust of professionals who demanded a .45ACP that would always come through when the stakes were high.

P220 DAK™


P220 Carry DAK™

P220 Carry SAO

P220 Carry Equinox

P220 Equinox™

P220 Carry

P220 SAO

P220 Two-Tone DAK

P220 Combat

P220 Combat TB

P220 Super Match

P220 Carry Elite Stainless

P220 Elite Stainless

P220 Carry SAS Gen 2 Nitron

P220 Classic 22

P220 Carry Elite Dark

P220 Elite Dark TB

P220R Compact

P220 Compact SAS Gen 2

P220 Match Elite

P220 Elite Dark

P220 Stainless Nitron

P220 Extreme

P220 Stainless Reverse Two-Tone

P220 Scorpion

P220 Scorpion TB