General Information and Match Rules


  • Safety will be governed by stage and range requirements, each stage having a brief, addressing any safety concerns and the course of fire.
  • Cold Range
  • Safe Tables will be in use, no ammo may be handled at the safe tables
  • Muzzle safe points; 180°
  • IDPA Range commands will be used
  • Concealment is not required
  • MAX 50 rounds per stage with a match round count of about 300… bring 400-500!
  • Mags loaded to 10 rounds max in all divisions except PCC
  • Reloads – any type, anytime and anywhere during the course of fire
  • This shall be a match governed by civility and sportsmanship. Abusive language or behavior will be grounds for an immediate match DQ and forfeiture of match fees.
    • Match Director will verify all DQ’s.



  • Reactive steel must fall, and static steel must show a hit
  • IDPA cardboard targets will be used, If the hole touches a scoring zone line the better score is awarded
  • Each point down = 1 second added to the raw time
  • Foot Fault = 3 seconds per shot added to the raw time
  • Hits on Non-Threats = 5 seconds per hit added to the raw time
  • Miss = 5 seconds added to the raw time
  • Failure To Do Right (FTDR) = 20 seconds per hit added to the raw time, MD will be notified
  • Prizes/trophies will be awarded via the Lewis Scoring System i.e.; top third, middle third and bottom third of shooters.



  • Any IDPA or USPSA legal firearm may be used
    • Minimum Caliber 9mm.
    • Divisions
      • IronSights
        • fiber optic, night sights are allowed
        • 1st mag max 11 rounds, all other mags max 10
      • Optic/Open
        • 1st mag max 11 rounds, all other mags max 10
        • Optic max mag length 141.25mm
        • Open max mag length 171.25mm
      • PCC
        • No magazine capacity limit
  • No power factor requirement, if the load will safely operate the gun and will not damage the steel targets it’s allowed
  • Holsters, any IDPA or USPSA legal option
  • Mags/Mag Holder, any style you wish and as many as you wish
  • Belts, any style you wish