Meet The 1911

Back to the Future


The platform is more than a century old.

But you’d never know it from the way a SIG 1911 performs at the range, on the battlefield or in the moment you need it most. We’ve upgraded this legendary firearm with all the features that today’s shooter demands.


The Original Ergonomics and Accuracy

Time is on your side. SIG 1911 pistols feature the exceptional ergonomics and crisp SAO trigger pioneered a century ago by John M. Browning in addition to reduced recoil and faster follow-up shots.


Reliability That Could Only Come From SIG

Engineered and manufactured in New Hampshire, SIG 1911 pistols must meet the same rigorous quality and performance standards of any SIG pistol. And with all-metal frames, rugged construction and protective coatings, they are built to age just as well as Browning’s design.

Modern Refinements

No matter how good you are, you can always improve. SIG 1911 pistols offer the enhancements you need to elevate shooting performance, from the fastback frame to the unique SIG slide contour.

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