Meet The MCX

Eclipsing All That Came Before It


The SIG MCX is built from the ground up to be silenced, light and short. A breakthrough in modularity. The result of years of toil and sweat, the SIG MCX is proof that a new era isn’t built overnight.

Trust the Performance

MCX was built around SIG’s gas-operated, short-stroke piston system — delivering confident performance in any configuration

Two Point Gas System: The two-position adjustable gas system allows the user to increase or decrease gas as needed depending on ammunition, use with a suppressor or adverse conditions.

Short Stroke Piston: Reduce recoil and fouling with the gas-operated, short-stroke piston stystem.

Rotating Bolt System: A fully locked and closed rotating bolt system provides maximum safety.

AR-Style, Ambidextrous Control: No retraining required. The SIG MCX features a familiar, AR-style ambidextrous selector, bolt release, magazine release and charging handle.

Adapt to Any Mission

The MCX is the first true mission-adaptable weapon system. Adapt it as your needs and the conditions change.

Quick-Change Barrel: Quickly and easily adjust barrel length from 16″ to 9″.

Upper Receiver: The continuous-to-rail upper receiver features an integral M1913 rail at 12 o’clock and a free-float barrel system and is backwards compatible with any mil-spec AR lower, allowing you to upgrade your existing AR platform to the SIG MCX.

SBX Stabilizing Brace: With a folding knuckle, the SBX improves the single-handed shooting performance of your SIG MCX Pistol. Also compatible with the SB15.

KeyMod Handguards: The MCX offers a long or short aluminum handguard. Also available in carbon fiber and suppressor compatible width.

Be Silent

Silent by design, the MCX also accepts a broad array of accessories to make it ready for any environment.

1913 Top Rail: Easily add sights, optics, lasers and other accessories.

SIG SAUER suppressors: The SIG MCX is built to operate with next-generation SIG SAUER suppressors, offering leading reliability and signature reduction under heavy firing schedules.

Stock Options: Maximize performance while conserving space with telescoping or folding stocks. Pistol configuration also available for the ultimate in compactness.

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