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Winning the Battle Against Sound.

The silent era has begun. Based on its unmatched understanding of sound and the end user’s requirements, SIG SAUER® is engineering cutting-edge signature reduction solutions. Grounded in hard science, not marketing spin, these advancements are helping military forces triumph on the battlefield, while transforming the shooting experience of citizens.


Similar to the muffler on your car, a suppressor is an enclosed environment that reduces sound created by superheated, pressurized gas. Here’s how it works:

  • A series of baffles create expansion chambers, in which the high-pressure gas from a gunshot is allowed to expand and cool more slowly.
  • Once the gas exits the suppressor, it has reached a pressure and temperature more similar to that of the atmosphere.
  • The lower pressure and temperature result in reduced sound.

Delivering Complete Signature Reduction.

Sound suppression is only one element of signature reduction. In order to develop a superior suppressor product, SIG engineers consider the full range of factors determining mission success.

  • Sound Reduction
  • Muzzle Flash
  • suppressor Durability
  • System Reliability
  • Size and Weight
  • Accuracy

More Volume. Less Noise.

The most important material in a SIG suppressor isn’t titanium, stainless steel or nickel alloy—it’s air. More volume within the suppressor translates to lower gas pressure and cooler temperatures. By removing the outer tube in its rifle suppressors, SIG has realized a full array of performance improvements.

  • Greater Internal Volume
  • Greater Sound Reduction
  • Reduced Flash
  • Increased Durability
  • Lighter Weight
  • Greater Reliability

Strong to the Finish.

SIG suppressors are built to survive extreme punishment, both on the inside and out. The suppressor’s first layer of defense, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating is chemically superior to finishes used by other suppressor manufacturers.

  • PVD withstands high temperatures, compared to Cerakote™ which may crack or peel under extreme heat.
  • PVD resists scratching, unlike other heat-tolerant coatings that are brittle and can scratch easily.

Modular Mounting System

Revolutionary Taper-Lok™ Fast-Attach System enables quick and simple installation of your muzzle device. No more shims. Forward-thinking design optimizes alignment, improving accuracy and greatly reducing point-of-impact (POI) shift, even after multiple install/removal cycles.

Taper-Lok™ Fast-Attach System


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