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The Movement

Join the Silent Majority

The mass movement toward suppressor ownership is well under way. SIG SAUER is proud to help make this common-sense technology accessible to even more shooters and hunters. With innovative product development and manufacturing processes, SIG is making suppressors quieter, tougher, more accurate—and also more affordable.

The Shot Not Heard Around the World

In 1909, Hiram P. Maxim received a patent for the first silent firearm. His goal was to keep his recreational shooting from disturbing his neighbors. However, he soon realized his new device had many other benefits, including greatly improving his accuracy. Maxim sold his suppressors at hardware stores and through the mail for $3.25. Though he stopped producing suppressors in 1934 due to legislation, his design elements are the foundation of every suppressor made today.

History in the Making.

From World War I and II to the Cold War to the War on Terror, suppressors have played an important role in military history. Since Maxim’s groundbreaking design, there have been tweaks and improvements. But never has a company with SIG SAUER’s capabilities and firearms expertise made suppressor design a primary focus. With an elite team of experts, SIG suppressor Division is making history of its own in the form of innovations like Taper-Lok™ and the tubeless rifle suppressor design.

Transform Your Shooting Experience.

Use a suppressor once and you’ll never want to shoot without one again. For the military, hunters or private citizens, a suppressor enhances nearly every aspect of shooting.



Safeguards shooters and those nearby from long-term hearing loss.



Reduces sound, muzzle flash, and environmental disturbance.



Minimizes recoil to improve accuracy and enable rapid follow-up shots.



Prevents flinching for better accuracy, enabling novice shooters to improve faster.

Legal in 42 States and Counting.

suppressors are legal for citizen ownership in 42 U.S. states and for hunting in 40 states. suppressor laws are subject to frequent change. Consult a local attorney to ensure full compliance.



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