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Signature Reduction. The SIG Way.

The advancements in suppressor design you will discover here are previously unheard of. But the company behind them is already world-renowned. SIG SAUER suppressors mark the start of a new era—and a breakthrough in sound reduction, material selection, and reliability.

The First Tubeless Rifle suppressors Ever Produced.

Through a revolutionary baffle design and unique manufacturing processes, SIG SAUER has eliminated the outer tube found in other rifle suppressors. In addition to reducing weight, this tubeless design increases volume, lowering pressure and temperature for greater durability and leading signature reduction.

The First Precision Fast-Attach Mounting System.

Introducing Taper-Lok™—a next-generation technology, exclusive to SIG SAUER suppressors. This innovative, three-piece system is built for speed, accuracy and repeatability over time.

  • Modular design allows for simple and economical changes to your muzzle configuration.
  • No timing shims are needed for any mount, eliminating a major source of misalignment and installation error.
  • Provides the least zero-shift even through multiple install/removal cycles.

A New Spin on suppressor Attachment.

SIG’s revolutionary Taper-Lok design eliminates tolerance stacking, resulting in the most secure, reliable and accurate rifle mounts available.

  • Tapers on key surfaces provide self-centering for accuracy.
  • suppressor removal requires 20 percent more force than attachment, preventing any loosening during shooting.
  • Taper-Lok muzzle devices and direct-thread suppressors are backwards-compatible with standard barrel threads.

A User-Driven Approach to Material Selection.

No one-size-fits-all solutions here. Rather SIG SAUER looks at each project individually, taking into account the unique requirements of the end user when selecting materials.

  • Decision factors include weight, baffle volume, backpressure and firing schedule.
  • Grade 5 Titanium enables increased volume without an increase in weight.
  • Inconel 718 is used for components that need to withstand the punishment of short-barreled rifles and high round counts.
  • With a range of material options, you can find a suppressor built for your firearm, application and volume of shooting.

Engineering a Stronger, Smarter Pistol suppressor.

SIG suppressor Division combines forward-thinking design with common sense. The result is a line of pistol suppressors as user-friendly as it is quiet and durable.

  • Rugged, 17-4 stainless steel baffles are enclosed by a grade 9 titanium tube for industry-leading durability.
  • Interchangeable baffles allow for easy suppressor assembly and maintenance.
  • The most common standard and metric pistons are included in every box, allowing you to use the same suppressor on a full arsenal of host pistols.

The New Standard in Accuracy.

Along with Taper-Lok, suppressor-to-rifle concentricity is one of the keys to accuracy. Using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) to cut the suppressor bore, SIG guarantees concentricity with the bore of the rifle. The result is the best possible alignment, with minimal point of impact shift, helping you stay on target.

Our Commitment to the suppressor Movement.

Every shooter should enjoy the hearing safety, reduced felt recoil and optimized overall experience of a silenced firearm, whether at the range or on a hunt. SIG SAUER is committed to making suppressors accessible to more shooters by advancing suppressor legislation and by increasing the affordability of suppressors through smarter engineering and design.


Made in New Hampshire, Ready for Anywhere.

Live Free or Die. It’s the New Hampshire state motto and an ethic we live by at SIG SAUER. We’re honored to outfit our nation’s military with the silenced weapon systems they need to help defend liberty. Regardless of whether a SIG SAUER suppressor will be used by a soldier, a law enforcement officer or a private citizen, it receives the same rigorous quality control in order to guarantee it will perform when it matters most.

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