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Legion Leather Wing OWB Holster, P229

Legion Leather Wing OWB Holster, P229

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A handcrafted blend of KYDEX and leather, the Legion Leather Wing OWB provides phenomenal all day comfort with superb concealment and retention. The Legion Leather Wing was crafted for SIG SAUER exclusively by BlackPoint Tactical, featuring black leather, black outer with gray inner KYDEX, and offered with 0 degree cant. Multiple mounting solutions available from BlackPoint.

About the Holster
KYDEX® where you need it, leather where you want it. BlackPoint Tactical’s Leather WING™ holster is the most revolutionary holster in the market. It is the pinnacle of comfort without sacrificing anything in the way of concealment or weapon retention. The Leather WING™ is generally regarded by customers as the most comfortable holster they have ever worn. The KYDEX® center provides excellent adjustable retention while leather wings provide the flexibility to bend to the wearer’s hip dimensions. Based on the response thus far, we feel confident that if you try one, you will never go back to any other type of holster.

About the Maker
We manufacture custom, hand crafted holsters built around the ideals of comfort and concealment. We designed all of our products utilizing feedback from individuals with decades of Military and Law Enforcement experience. Using their direction, we were able to craft products best suited for their uses. The concept, which has proven very successful, is if we build our products to hold up in the harsh combat environments of Mosul, then they will work great on Main St. Our products are currently used by numerous local, state and federal agencies including specialized US Special Operations units. We stand behind all of our products with a lifetime warranty.


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