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X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights

3-Dot Tritium System for superior glowing illumination in low-light


Compare the X-RAY3 to other conventional sights and you will see the blacked-out rear sight and the high contrast front sight of the X-RAY3, make target acquisition intuitive and fast and in any light condition. This 3-Dot tritium system has a superior glowing illumination in low-light and remains bright and white for daylight conditions. No more changing sights from night to day patrols, keeping your sights consistent for all your work or hunting light conditions. The steel surrounds the tritium sights and gives them protection from recoil and protects from cleaning solvents and the harsh elements. Whether you carry for work or for sport, these X-RAY3 tritium sights will be bright for over a decade and the tested design of the X-RAY3 will stay at max performance.

• With a half-life of 12 years, the 3-Dot tritium system allows for fast target acquisition in low-light conditions
• Oversized chemical resistant fluorescent polymer front dot gives confidence in any environment
• Sights come in standard SIG SAUER sizes of #6 and #8 in square or round (U)notched rearsight
• Torture tested to 20,000 rounds, the steel housing provides for a tough, reliable sight that lasts as long as the firearm
• Fits P320, P938, P238, P229, P226, P220, P227, P225
• X-RAY3 sights come standard on SIG SAUER Legion Series pistols.

Which Sight Size Is Right For Your Pistol?

The X-RAY3 sights come in sets ranging from matching #6s, alternating #6/8s, and matching #8/8. 


To determine the current size of your pistol sights, look at the small number on the horizontally aligned bar on either side of the sight post. That number should be available on both your front and rear sight. If you have determined that you are satisfied with your current pistol sights, simply select the exact same number combination from the X-RAY3 product line.


For reference:

SOX10006 - #6 Front / #6 Rear

SOX10002 - #6 Front / #8 Rear

SOX10008 - #8 Front / #6 Rear

SOX10004 - #8 Front / #8 Rear


In general, the higher the front size number (i.e. 6), the lower the height of the sight. For the rear sight, the higher the number (i.e. 8), the higher the height of the sight.


EXAMPLE: If you wanted a high front sight post and a high rear sight, you could choose to get a #6 front sight / #8 rear sight.


The best configuration for your sights is determined through your own practice with your SIG SAUER pistol. The X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights offer a great opportunity to operate in both low-light conditions as well as normal daytime.


Browse by individual sku to find the right product for you.


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SOX10006 #6 Front / #6 Rear Round (U) Black
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SOX10002 #6 Front / #8 Rear Round (U) Black

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SOX10008 #8 Front / #6 Rear Round (U) Black
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SOX10004 #8 Front / #8 Rear Round (U) Black

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SOX10005 #6 Front / #6 Rear Square Black

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SOX10001 #6 Front / #8 Rear Square Black
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SOX10007 #8 Front / #6 Rear Square Black

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SOX10003 #8 Front / #8 Rear Square Black

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